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*BIL-Look to the CALL Warrants BILWGG / BILWMK.*

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    G'day to all who care.

    Just got back from a relaxing overseas trip and feel in a good mood and are willing to make some calls again, to those posters who care to take a closer look and make a decision.

    Significant fall on Brambles over the last two days and the addition of the Options Expire day( last Thursday of the month) is addding to the pressure and BIL is getting oversold.

    The Bears are winning but the Bulls are setting up for a rally in BIL.I don't see BIL going lower than $6.70 level. This time next week BIL will be higher than the $7.00 level.

    Best warrants for this trade are BILWPH and BILWGG both around 6 cents, as i post and an expire date of 19 Dec with an $8.00 strike.This is plenty of time for BIL to rally and the warrants are at very low levels, which tend to give the best returns when they run up.

    So over the next few hours and around 3.45pm or first thing tomorrow morning will be the time to but into these warrants around 5.7 to 6.1 cents. Must WATCH very close for the best entry.I have made my choice.....those who care take a close look and decide.

    There is a good 3 to 5 day trade here with good returns.Get in this week and out next week. Time now is 12.30pm and BIL is at $7.00.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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