BIL brambles industries limited

* BIL and thw warrants BILWGG/ BILWPH...*

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    For those who care,

    I just sold my BIL calls that i got last Friday at 5.9 cents. I got out at the 6.9 level and made a nice profit.BIL could go a bit higher, but i'm happy with the trade and did it in the 2 to 5 day period i stress and out!

    BIL at $7.35 up from $6.95, when i called it last week.

    BILWPH from 6 cents is now at 7.8 to 8 cents.
    BILWGG at 7 cents.

    Those who followed my tips are making profits....decide to take some if you want.I'm out at this point.



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Currently unlisted public company.

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