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bigger than most

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    IMO This strike could be bigger than most in the area,
    if the indications so far are correct,
    lets wait and see

    The Fausse Point salt dome has already produced
    over 44 millions barrels of oil and 141 billion cubic feet of gas.

    The potential oil resource is estimated at 7.4 million barrels of recoverable oil at P50 level and potential gas
    resource of 24.2 billion cubic feet of gas. With potential upside in the event the anticipated pay zones are

    Potential production rates could exceed 1,500 barrels of oil per day as initial production rates are estimated
    at 300-500 barrels of oil per day per sand and there are multiple sands. Production could be supported by
    nearby infrastructure.

    good luck to all supporters who stayed in,
    your risk may have been well worth it.
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