MVH 7.50% 8.6¢ medic vision limited

big year ahead

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    Hi guys

    happy new tax year!

    I reckon this one will be huge for long term holders, nice to see no continued selling and no oppies for sale as well as the buy depth building.

    I would disagree with cabe/blokes for once on the ksx issue however.Given the fact this technology works, and seems to fill an unmet niche in the asthma area, the potential of this company is limitless.One of the posters on the ksx board mentioned 35-45c as a possibility within the year, if this is even remotely on the money then that would value the current holding of 20 million shares close to 10 million, with 25 million shares more to come assuming targets are met.

    I would suggest googling Naum Gavriely , this guy is the real deal in this field, he's probably worked half his life getting this to where it's at now, and the recent buying suggests a fair amount of clout behind him.

    Next few weeks may hopefully be interesting, anyone got any more thoughts?
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