Big two - not worthy of our votes

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    Whatever else this leadership spill does or doesn't signify, it removes the sense of superiority previously enjoyed by LNP supporters that their party was cohesive and united, whereas Labor (and PUP) was a shambles who couldn't get their act together. Just like Labor, the LNP have now shown that they can't even get over their own bloated ego's effectively enough to relate to and work with one another, so how can anyone expect them to act decisively in the interests of ordinary Australians?
    On both the right and left of established politics, are people who owe their incumbent position to the financial backers who put them there, be it unions or big business, and make no mistake these organisations want to see a return on their investment. Yet again, the interests of these groups diverge significantly from the interests of the majority; in many cases they have shown themselves to be predators who harvest the productivity, health and wealth of both the population and the land, while giving as little back as possible.
    Of course, various groups of voters get certain side-benefits from the policies of various parties, but that is incidental; the ridiculous level of tax paid by Australians is returned to nobody except chronic welfare recipients or politicians themselves. The sense of entitlement and wastefulness in the appropriation of public money is staggering.
    Luckily, we don't (yet) live in a 2-party system, and despite what the media would have us believe there are other parties out there, a few of them actually featuring intelligent people who haven't sold out before they are even elected. For example, the Liberal Democratic Party champions many of the perspectives supposedly held by the LNP, without the same level of corruption, arrogance and rusted-on policies. The same may be said of the Democratic Labour Party.
    But most importantly the "Big two" need a serious wake-up call. Putting themselves first, their bankrollers second and us, the voter, a distant last, just should not be allowed to continue.
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