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    re: cfr - announcement soon ?????? i put this up to genreate discussion.

    The resource is estimated at 14million Carats

    Rough rubies go for about $6 per carat (I may be wrong on this but happy for anyone to give better guidance)

    Hence the resource is worth approx $84million.

    Given they currently have the capacity to process 150 tonnes per day.....lets just say they can process approximately 40,000 tonnes per year. Their current estimates are 7 carats or more per tonne. This equates to 280,000 carats per year and at $6 per carat is in the order of $1.5million less costs. If we work on a PER of say 10 and say the earnings after costs are $1million per year then the price should be in the order of $0.077.

    I accept that these figures are very rubbery but there are some rubies that sell for significantly more than $6 per carat.

    Food for thought anyway

    Happy trading
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Currently unlisted public company.

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