QTK quiktrak networks limited

big picture warning to dial up users

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    Mr Universal

    So you noticed too.

    I dont know how many more tricks this company has for the market but obviousy they should cover their tracks better.

    This equipment looks disgustingly out of date, decrepid, bought off ebay, 20 years old and literally is covered in dust everywhere.

    This is the so called high tech equipment Quiktrak has installed in the hope of making some money in south africa.

    I am not sure how long Pallister can keep supporting the company expenses with his own personal money but with the shareprice now at an all time low and no interest from the market and no support from bigger investors, its my oppinion that QTK wont exist after this year.

    Here is a blown up picture showing Quiktrak South African equipment.

    Also...Skip Google and Quiktrak....thanks for answering my questions I put up 2 weeks ago.

    They were very simple basic question that if answered may have sparked some interest from investors.

    But nothing.

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