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    FBI Ends Mafia Burial Ground Dig

    Tue Oct 26, 1:30 PM ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The FBI (news - web sites) ended a three-week excavation of a vacant New York City lot suspected of being a mob cemetery after finding just two skeletons and abandoning hope of unearthing more bodies.

    The skeletons are believed to be remains of two murdered organized crime family captains, the FBI said Monday.

    The FBI had hoped to find more victims in the lot nicknamed "Mafiaville" by local residents, based on testimony from Mafia turncoats.

    "This location was the best lead we had," said FBI spokesman James Margolin, who described the Queens site as a dumping ground for household trash and dilapidated vehicles.

    Authorities had thought they might find the body of John Favara, a former neighbor of Mafia crime boss John Gotti. It is believed Gotti ordered Favara killed after he accidentally ran over and killed Gotti's 12-year-old son.

    Favara disappeared after the 1980 accident and has never been found.

    Dozens of FBI agents, city police officers and members of the medical examiner's office have toiled daily at the site, using heavy machinery to move the dirt and screen it for evidence.

    The New York medical examiner's office was trying to identify the two victims. They are suspected of being Bonanno crime family capo Phillip Giaccone and Dominic Trinchera.

    The two were gunned down in 1981 along with Alfonse Indelicato for plotting to take control of the Bonanno family. Indelicato's body was found in the lot weeks after his murder.

    Accused Bonanno boss Joseph "Big Joey" Massino, the city's so-called Last Don, was convicted of killing the trio.
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