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big hitters took chunks this arvo

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    Intersuisse and Toll were t6he ones all over this and drove it up to .125 Looks like the sparks are about to fly as I know of 2 people looking to get there hands on a combined total of 5 million shares. I know that at least one will be in the market tomorrow trying for a feed at .12 so lets wish them well. If any news come out in regards to take off agreements then it will be on for all concerned. I would be watch ADY like a Hawk if you have any interest in the company. This will not sit still tomorrow as it looks like our good mates Index options have stopped selling or run out of stock. So there it is, another undervalued stock waiting for its chance at the big time. By the way fair value on ADY is around .16 at the present time but that should move up substantialy with more news of HOA with chemical buyers.
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