OPM optum health limited

big gainer soon.

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    This stock will be another stock just like aft which has gained 150% in past 6 weeks.It to has a product (which is different to opm's product) but one that improves personal and enviromental wellness.Opm has a product which is in big demand and as soon as it gets its first deal(AND IT WILL)the share price will travel up .I can see 150%gains on this one in the not to distant future.My view only,but it has a few things on the go which should make this an interesting one to follow.Do your research on this one and read the announcement on 15/08/03 and 27/08/03 it looks very good.I have just got more stock and I am holding for the next home run which should be soon.P.S do your research and if your sold on it go for it as l believe it will come good.all the best.
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