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Big Al &TheFund Managers -another fine mess we hav

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    Just gathering the thoughts for an eventful night & trading tomorrow:

    - Interesting the fund manager sheep are following each other one by one in selling the banks at the moment. The theory being that they are ahead of the curve & resources & cyclicals will be the first to move " in the coming recovery". Lets see if they hold their nerve tomorrow & in the coming days or run back to the defensives (banks) , remember once one starts the rest will follow ,they can not think individually just collectivly.
    Thats why when one fund has a shocker of a year they all do, nobody dares to be different!

    - Wonder if Big Al sees 200-300 points blown away before lunch & gets twitchy on the interest rate trigger again at 2:00 pm, of course the official line is the market plays no part in the decision but...I would not be surprised.

    - A tip I received from some expirienced traders recently...just because it looks cheap may not mean it is cheap the stock is trading at that price for a reason.
    I will have that written on a note posted on my screen tomorrow.

    Well done to the call writers & put holders.

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