Biden Impeachment Jan 21?, page-120

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    Youve perfectly described inadbertantly, the deniers of the rigged election.
    The evidence was presented and none of it properly investigated.
    So you keep denying that there was election fraud, all because there was no proper investigation.
    Why didnt they investigate properly... i'll tell you... its because they didnt want it revealed, in case it was true
    because it would undermine the whole US political system and bring total instabiltiy to the US... a huge price to pay...
    the risk was too huge
    The deniers of evidence are delusionists, because they dont know the real reason why the fraud (if any) was not uncovered.

    Very simple thinking people the radical left on HC.... very simple... they dont drill down, just(is) accept on face value

    (Thats why the Trump supporters in the US will never ever accept Biden..and thats a given)
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