biblical text presents an accurate historic record, page-37

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    re: biblical text - to snuff yes red it is amazing how as we become more aware we change our opinions. I was told to go to bible class when I was 11/12 & because the 'teacher' spoke in 'bible talk' which made no sense whatsoever to me I gave it some thought & came to the conclusion that I was a sort of athiest who believed in some 'higher' force.

    Religions preach a dogma because if they told people the truth that they(the people) are a spark of the universal mind (in potential) then they would realize or ask the question, 'what the hell are we coming to church for?' Since humans have existed for X amount of years it is only in recent times that religion(as we know it) has come to the fore. But if that is what you need then that is what you get. Humanity, is in trouble.

    Beam me up scotty!!
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