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bhp billiton and metalysis

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    OK...OK.... sorry about the rush of tech stuff.

    Seik mentioned a patent recently held by BHP for the production of Ti metal shapes direct from TiO2. On a similar vein, I noticed the following announcement by Metalysis in the UK who are progressing commercialization of the FFC Cambridge process for more efficient production of Ti metal. This process is far cheaper and more environmentally favourable than the traditional Kroll process

    October 2006
    Metalysis acquires the Polar process for Titanium Products from BHP Billiton.

    Metalysis and BHP Billiton form joint venture company, Metalysis Titanium Inc

    Metalysis announces the acquisition of BHP Billiton’s (the world’s largest resources company) Polar process. The agreement will see BHP Billiton receive a minority stake in a new joint venture company provisionally to be called “Metalysis Titanium Inc”.

    Metalysis Titanium Inc will combine the expertise and intellectual property of both the FFC Cambridge and Polar processes and will develop strategic industrial alliances, joint ventures and license deals to rapidly achieve market penetration and production of titanium and bulk titanium alloy products.

    Dr Graham Cooley, Metalysis’ chief executive said, “Combining the strengths of both Polar and FFC Cambridge technologies through the formation of MTi is expected to generate unprecedented progress in a range of high volume titanium products. This is indeed an exciting event for the titanium industry and the industries it serves”.

    Does anyone know whether the 96-98% high purity TiO2 product produced by the APG ERMS process is sufficiently pure to use in the FFC Cambridge process without further processing? If yes, I suppose it explains BHP's enthusiasm since mid last year.
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