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    And the truth will set you free!!
    Ive wonder for a long time what your game plan was bumping this thread made it all too obvious.

    firstly. Your buy price. You currently have a buy in price of approx 19-20c or atleast did on first dip (I’m sure you have bought more since) This can be confirmed by your constant posting stating you aren’t trying to mislead or lie to anyone.


    Here you can’t be your disclosure was not held (and was for posts pervious to this). As you can see, price at the time was 19c. One day later and ever since, your disclosure has been held. Price at time of held disclosure: 20c. So it’s safe to say this is your entry and possibly your average.


    back to this thread:
    At the time of creation, there was a lot of excitement about BGS. @22.5c BGS has a market cap of $40m

    The lithium asset was looking good, BOD1 was dead and buried, lots of info was due about the lithium site. There was enough money in the bank.

    BGS was Booming, but what changed ? Lithium markets died. BOD2 was a dismal failure killing off cash on hand and market interest in BGS.

    which brings us back to why you have bumped this thread... Because it’s a fantastic read with quality posters. This shows the excitement the site deserves.

    what’s changed this time around?
    • the lithium market is starting to take off again
    • the lithium deposit has been further explored, DFS released, shovel ready,
    • third times a charm, this board is fantastic
    • there is money in the bank,
    • we OWN the Morila mine (a far-fetch dream at the time of posting),
    • cash flow positive on the back of the gold.
    • @22.5c FFX has a market cap of $184m. (At time of thread 22.5c BGS has market cap of $40m... remember, that was a 100% a spec play at the time) there has been a lot of added value to the company on not much dilution.

    i remember reading this thread for the first time and I can tell you, if I could have known the company would look as it does today, I’d be as many are, shocked at the low level of the share price.

    of course, it’s taken it’s sweet time to get here, but here we are!

    I don’t think it’s coincidence you have bumped this thread up DAYS before huge incoming news within the company. DAYS before the webinar.

    Rainbow, you’ve made it quite clear you are bullish on FFX, so welcome. I think tomorrow will be a nice green day, but mostly... Bring on the week coming!
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