SHN sherlock bay nickel corporation limited


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    I think for those of you waiting for the BFS to be released this week, you may be in for a disappointment.
    Department of Industry and Resources tells me that the NOTICE OF INTENT that was lodged in December by
    SHN was withdrawn on the 5th of March due to certain issues that have been raised and having been passed on to the EPA. This information is freely available.I am told there are still issues that need to be addressed and that SHN will probably submit a whole new NOTICE OF INTENT.
    The way I see it without an approval for a NOTICE OF INTENT we havent got a BFS because certain costings for enviromental compliance may become part of the BFS.
    One has to be patient SHN needs to get finance presuming the project is viable however they would look a bit stupid if they went to a bank an said here's our BFS can we have some money but were not allowed to mine it yet.
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