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    I wont say much, Tastarga seems to have covered it fairly well.

    The BFS was not not what i expected. The Capital Exp was much higher than i expected.

    However it WAS good. As one Director of a mining company said to me today..."I don't expect JML SP to be where it is in the next couple days, in fact i almost considered getting some myself". Obviously I can't state who this was.

    B2 the twit is saying the NPV is too low.


    THE NPV is around 60% above market cap...te NPV is over a short time of 6 years...the operation cash flow is around 10 million per year for 6 years...which puts it at an expected PE ratio of around 2.5.

    B2 if you think you know a miner with a expected PE less than that which has already gone past fesibility stage, please share it with us as we would really like to know.

    Stupid TWIT.

    Anyway, JML have overstated the CAPEX, this will be significantly reduced.

    They have also not included other resources that they have not yet measured...but which are expected to add to the resource, and eventually reserves...this increases the project value as well.

    For the record i have my money where my mouth is with over 350G shares and around 200G options.

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