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Beyond the navel.......

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    Amusing navel gazing of late, particularly the ARU fluff occupying the "higher" intellects, lol.

    Macros nowhere near as entertaining, but for anyone that can be bothered................

    Firstly the more sanitised Ministry translation:

    Column 1
    1 Su Bo attended the focus of Rare Earth provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and corporate work conference
    Column 1[Published: January 28, 2015] [Source: Division of industrial raw materials] [font: big in small ]
    Column 1
    1   January 28, focusing on rare earths provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and corporate work conference held in Beijing. Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Su Bo attended the meeting and made "standardized management, transformation and upgrading, to achieve sustainable and healthy development of rare earth industry," the theme of the report. National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Land Resources, Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, the Legislative Affairs Office, the Commission and other departments comrades focus RE provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) industry authorities, six Rare Earth Group focus on rare earth enterprises, research institutions, industry associations and other units responsible for a total of more than 100 people attended the meeting.  Su Bo said, "Several Opinions of the State Council on the promotion of sustainable and healthy development of rare earth industry" has issued, departments, local governments and key enterprises cooperate closely to implement the plan, has finished most of the work task file proposed to implement the rare earth industry, regulatory agencies, to improve the management policy of rare earth mining, production, circulation and other aspects, and formed a large group of rare earth industry development pattern as the leading enterprise resource utilization, environmental protection and high technology level application of rare earth increased dramatically, to combat illegal ongoing illegal work and achieve tangible results, the development of a wide range of rare earth pattern shape, from 2011 to 2014 rare earth industry realized a total profit of more than 440 billion yuan, an increase of more than three times, the rare earth industry entered a new phase.  Su Bo stressed that with the profound changes in the global political and economic structure, and a new round of technological revolution and the rapid rise of the industrial revolution, China's economic development has entered a new normal, industrial development has entered in order to improve the quality and efficiency as the center of the track, the rare earth industry to to transform the mode of development, improve innovation, developing high-end products, expand the application fields of further work on the center position, focusing on the following:   First, before the end of 2015 to integrate all the country's six rare earth mining and smelting and separation of rare earth enterprises, to achieve a substantial reorganization of assets as a link.Six groups according to the record of the group to be set up work schedules discharge program, the Ministry of Industry, together with relevant provinces (regions) to be checked on a quarterly basis; large groups to strengthen mutual cooperation and innovation capacity building, and constantly develop new products, introduce advanced technology and high-end talent, speed Development of high-end industrial applications, enhance their core competitiveness; Group supports the formation of policy and progress linked to mining rights in terms of the production plans for the timely completion of the integration task group to give key support; outside groups separated rare earth mine and smelting enterprises to significantly reduce the annual production planning, supervision and early accession to the group.   Second, the depth to combat illegal activities. Local governments should implement the layers of regulatory responsibility, by RE invoices, and other clues promptly investigated the illegal exploitation of rare earth production, sale of illegal goods, tax evasion cases of illegal fees on businesses and individuals problems severely punished, irresponsible no attention to regulatory agencies and government workers regardless even participate in illegal acts of serious accountability; State Council departments place special action promptly check the progress of work on the problem areas highlighted supervise the handling and invited the media exposure of the typical cases. Innovation mechanism, the use of rare earth invoices, export data and other information, the source of their products down search; entrust third parties to carry out illegal acts investigation, establish the work of normalization mechanism; support associations to strengthen self-discipline, a large group lead the implementation of national policies and concerted efforts to jointly resist and combat illegal activities in a good atmosphere.   Third is to develop high-end industrial applications. Support through the channel financial resources, industry funds, high-end applications such as public financing of industrial development, and guide financial institutions and social capital to invest in rare high-technology development and industrialization; play a rare public technical service platform for the establishment of the service industry-wide R & D, pilot industrialization, application evaluation system to address the constraints technological achievements into industrial bottlenecks, improve the rare earth industry, personnel training, technology transfer mechanisms to strengthen technological exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad; support rare earth enterprises to actively participate in new energy vehicles, industrial robots, pollution prevention and control areas of business new products, design and development of new technologies, and establish a demand-driven mechanism for custom development or innovation Alliance; rare earth industry to promote the integration of the two, to establish a sound regulatory system of rare earth mining, digital mining, smelting and separation intelligent production systems to drive the industry to improve the intelligence level of production.   The fourth is to strengthen the management of rare earth production and circulation. Strictly control new rare earth mining and smelting separation project to eliminate illegal, ultra vires approval.Strict control and management of the total production of rare earth plan targets six groups to continue to focus on the presence of illegal production and other problem areas and business plan targets and subtract. Regulate the export of rare earth products, continue to increase efforts to crack down on smuggling and export, and strictly control the false reporting, concealed name acts such as the establishment of export enterprises blacklist, published periodically; formulated rare earth products packaging, labeling, transportation and storage standards, to prevent illegal production, environmental non-compliance as well as distribution and export of inferior quality products. Support rare associations, societies and other industry management actively undertake infrastructure work, guide member units standardized management, strengthen self-discipline, to prevent malicious competition.   Fifth, continue to improve industry management policies and regulations. Strive to improve the introduction of rare earth resources tax reform program in order to comply with WTO rules, to achieve effective protection and rational exploitation of rare earth resources; revised and improved "Rare regulations" for the early introduction; Amendment "RE mandatory production plan management approach "" rare earth industry access "to promote the administration according to law.   At the meeting, the General Administration of Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau, the Information Commission of Guangdong Province, the aluminum company, Xiamen Tungsten, on behalf of the Chinese Rare Earth Society also do group restructuring, strengthening the industry, development and production and to combat smuggling and other work done typical speech .

    Then perhaps the more "earthy" ACREI version:

    RE being farewell "barbaric growth" era

    2015-1-29 14:49 | Posted by: admin | View: 79 | Comments: 0
    Abstract : Rare earth being farewell "barbaric growth" era in January 28 day laborers Ministry convened focus RE provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and corporate work meeting, Vice Minister of the Ministry of the Soviet-Polish interview with reporters, said, before the end of 2015 six Rare Earth Group To integrate all the country's separation of rare earth mining and smelting enterprises to achieve substantial restructuring, the whole ...
    Column 1
    RE being farewell "barbaric growth" era

    In 1 month 28 day laborers Ministry convened focus RE provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and corporate work meeting, Vice Minister of the Ministry of the Soviet-Polish interview with reporters, said in 2015 before the end of six large Rare Earth Group to integrate all the country's rare earth mining and smelting and separation enterprises achieve substantial restructuring, integration completed, will help standardize rare earth mining, production and circulation.
      Rare earth export quotas officially canceled 20 days after the Commerce Department announced today that the rare earth export tariffs will be in 2015. In May May 2 canceled in the future. This means that China's rare earth exports will implement fully market-oriented management, is expected to significantly reduce the smuggling of rare earth, rare earth plus standardized management after integration, the value of China's rare earth will return to the rational. According to statistics, in 2011 year to 2014 rare earth industry realized a total profit of 440 billion yuan, an increase of3 or more times.
      But Su Bo also pointed out that China's rare earth export quotas cancellation, tariff and other measures, may increase the number of export enterprises, enterprises compete for market share, lower prices, the rise of malicious competition and regulate market order still takes considerable effort.
      Integration remains Game
      Ministry had filed two batches of the Aluminum Company, North China Rare Earth, Xiamen Tungsten and China Minmetals, Guangdong rare earths, China Southern Rare Earth 6, the formation of a large group of rare home program, the integration progress has been cause for concern.
      According to Su Bo, as of now, six home group co-integration of the country's 67 of the rare earth mining permits in 66 books and 99home smelting and separation enterprises 77 homes, and the remaining companies have explicitly included the elimination of backward integration of intent or plan, the rare earth industry long-term "and more, small, scattered," the situation has been completely reversed." 2015, before the end of six large Rare Earth Group to integrate all the country's mining and smelting and separation of rare earth enterprises to achieve a substantial reorganization of assets as a link. "Su Bo said.
      It is understood that six large Rare Earth Group has been completed and filed, but the integration of individual companies just signed a letter of intent, there is no substantive assets as a link partnership. Individual companies are integrated there contradiction, for various reasons to delay the time to join the group. In this regard, the Chinese Academy of industrial resources and environment director of the Economic Research Institute, said Multiplying, sixpost-integration between rare earth group of large, central and local, between business and industry department, as well as the game's place in the integrated program implementation process also needs to be improved.
      In order to promote the integration of the acceleration is complete, ask the Ministry of six large integrated clear timetable Rare Earth Group, on the other hand through the implementation of a rare earth mining warrants, purchasing and storage, fiscal support policies to encourage stimulation. For example, in terms of mining rights, production plans for the timely completion of the integration task group focused support; for outside groups separated rare earth mining and smelting enterprises are substantially reduced annual production plan, increase the inspection frequency, and urge them to join the group as soon as possible.
      "Black RE" or reduce
      Illegal mining, illegal production and export smuggling problem has plagued the development of rare earth industry. Multiplying that the six large groups but also to achieve the integration of upstream resources of control, centralized mining rights, reduce the "black RE" generation.
      After the cancellation of rare earth export quota management, China's rare earth industry regulation, emphasis will be more from the export sector to domestic production processes. "MIIT will strengthen rare earth production and circulation management, rare earth want to plan targets six large group focused. "Su Bo said.
      According to reports, the Ministry will strictly control new rare earth mining and smelting separation project, in addition to sixlarge groups outside the project in principle to approval. After the formation of a large group, the total rare earth concentrate production control plan issued to six large group redistribution.
      And after export quotas of rare earth smuggling is also expected to be substantially reduced. Executive President of China WTO Research Institute of Foreign Economic and Trade University, said Tu Xinquan, because some companies can not get past the quota and smuggling, and now as long as the buyer has a contract can get the rare earth export license, engaged in rare earth exports. Meanwhile, the smuggling of rare earth export tariffs canceled profits will be significantly reduced, will lead to reduction of rare earth smuggling.
      In fact, efforts to crack down on exports of rare earths smuggling departments is also increasing. According to reports, since2014, on 10 May onwards, eight ministries through ongoing special action to investigate illegal mining of rare cases accumulated 46onwards, the destruction of illegal mining of rare earth point of 14months; closed 28 homes rare earth production companies, seized illegal rare earth minerals 1.9 square tons, note revoke the business license 161 this; the punishment trade enterprises 19 , a fine of1148 yuan; seized smuggled rare earth products 4933 tons, worth nearly 5 billion. Su Bo said it would continue to intensify efforts to combat the smuggling of rare earth export, export enterprises to establish and regularly publish blacklist.
      The Core Competence
      2014 In 11 months, the China South Locomotive and the first cars to rare earth permanent magnet traction motor-powered high-speed rail vehicle off the assembly line, compared with conventional AC asynchronous motors, costs fell by 20% , saving 10% . 2015 national planning and construction of 96 rail lines are used if the permanent magnet synchronous traction system, only the annual operational energy savings of nearly 2 million. Intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment, new energy vehicles, industrial robotics, 3D printing and other industries to develop new rare earth industry provides a huge space.
      "Expedite the completion of six large Rare Earth Group substantive reorganization, will help standardize the market order, strengthen the innovation capacity, the introduction of advanced technology and high-end talent, accelerate the development of high-end industrial applications, thereby nurturing the core competitiveness of China's rare earth. "said Su Bo .
      According to reports, the departments use rare earth industry restructuring and upgrading, strategic emerging industries, technological innovation and other special funds, the central government invested a total capital of nearly 40 billion yuan, guide enterprises to strengthen the application of rare earth high technology development and industrialization, such as high-end materials and rare earth device performance has been generally improved.
      For example, compared with the "five" early, rare earth permanent magnetic properties from 55 up to 76 , high-end applications market share from 15% up to 35% ; high-end LED light-emitting materials to achieve a localization, LED luminous efficiency of the device by 100lumens / Saraswati high to 140 lumens / watt, LED display of the domestic market share from 40% up to 80% or more.
      Su Bo said rare earth enterprises to actively participate in new energy vehicles, industrial robots, pollution control and other areas of business of new products, design and development of new technologies, and establish a demand-driven mechanism for custom development or innovation Alliance. Departments will also be channeled through financial resources, industry funds, public financing, etc., continue to support high-end applications of rare earth industry development, and guide financial enterprises and social capital investment of rare earth high-technology research and development and industrialization projects.
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