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Beyond joke to associate Indian Election to signing a R&D Project

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    It is beyond joke to even assume that apublic listed company irrespective whether it is PSU or not will be impacted byan election for signing deals

    that is in the interest of the companyespecially with R&D nature.

    Public listed companies do not go into caretaker mode unless it is going to fold.

    Many things are overly exaggerated on forum'sto keep the forum's active by forgetting the discussion is so naive it dilutesthe actuals

    and non-performance is hidden all under theterm of politics.

    If the politicians are involved in making atechnical decision for NMDC or NLC especially in relation to R&D, it willbe THE joke of this century and future.

    However, if the PSU's are trying to take overor have more control of the technologies where there is a significant amountinvolved , then still I do not think there is no

    requirement for political parties to involveas the PSU's are floated on stock exchange and shareholders and directors ofthe PSU's decide on the amount involved.

    India has had worst political nightmaresespecially from 1985 to 1992 and point me an instance when these PSU's went tocare taker mode.

    IMO, I think the PSU's are using delaytactics and only one reason I can think of is to wring out dry and ECT are notdivulging the actuals.

    It would not surprise me to see yet anotherannouncement mentioning no response from NMDC and hence request for extensionof suspension.

    I am expecting an ann from the coy along thelines of something similar to ann dt., 19th Nov 2018.

    "...The Company requests that thevoluntary suspension remains in place until an announcement is made by theCompany in relation to the above...."

    Then history could repeat itself IMO.

    IMO, the ann dt., 12th Apr 2019 is just afill in which could take years to materialise as whatever the coy says has tobe taken cautiously as

    A) Not much money is in the bank

    B) ECT estimates revenue. But where is thelist of customers, details on deals with customers to match up to the revenue.

    Talking sweet and nice is easier but it has tobe delivered in the interest of Shareholders/investors to gain confidence.

    As some have highlighted, the delay is due tonew financial director, it is BS and if it was the fact, ECT would have knownthe details of the same.

    Then why not mention that in theannouncement, if it was a fact, instead saying "....NMDC’s request forextension of the MOU to allow for adequate time to complete their internal processes..." from the 29th March 2019 ann.

    All IMO


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