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    Beware! I got this today and the warning is genuine!

    Yesterday, a friend of a friend was travelling on a Sydney to Melbourne flight.

    A man of Arabic appearance got off the plane and my friend noticed that he had left his bag behind. She grabbed the bag and ran after him, caught up with him in the terminal and handed him back his bag. He was extremely grateful and reached into his bag which appeared to contain large bundles of money.

    He looked around to make sure nobody was looking and whispered "I can never repay your kindness, but I will try to....with a word of advice for you: Stay away from the cricket on boxing day".

    My friend was genuinely terrified. "Is there going to be an attack?" she asked him.

    "No ... ", he whispered back...... "The poms are fukken shithouse, it's not worth the price of admission"
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