ESG 0.00% 86.5¢ eastern star gas limited


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    Mangels...I am really surprised by this's really low-ball stuff and as far as I am concerned its a red card for you. Bugger off!

    Take responsibility for your own actions and don't lay blame on others. If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen...get out.

    Put your slippers and dressing gown on..sit in the sun and stare at a savings bank book...that way you won't be traumatised!

    As viewed by the share price, Yaqona hasn't been correct, that's true...but factually his comments are spot on.

    Certainly his posts contain much more valuable "meat" than yours..which, upon reflection, are just one great whinge with the mood swings been so big as to be personally worrying.

    If you must vent your spleen and show your slip in such a hissy-fit of "blame everyone else" then add me to the list as well as some 4 or 5 industry specific analysts who have a big BUY stamp on ESG with values well north of the present SP.

    Now, I fully expect to cop a big spray from you...but here's my official response in advance...."yeah, yeah, whatever".

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