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Why stop at 6 months?Why not 12 months? 20-30% gains since...

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    Why stop at 6 months?

    Why not 12 months? 20-30% gains since then.

    Why not 18 months? 1100-1200% gains since then.

    Just like Bob Ross, we can all paint our own little picture. Whatever scene tickles our fancy. It’s our world and we can put the trees wherever we please.

    As for predictions, they are just that. They’re not prophecies. And they are always subject to change. Because things change. New information comes to pass. For example, the development of the MetaTF caused a 4 month delay, which in turn pushed back on subsequent milestones.

    But it was worth it. It made life a hell of a lot more easier for our potential customers and if anything should help speed up development from here on out. One step back to go two steps forward and all that.

    Just a fluffy cloud in an otherwise big blue sky.
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