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between hope doubts and expectation

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    There has been an atmophere of uncertainty and impatience here in CVI thread with a lot of assumptions, speculations and of course big expectations.
    The time factor of end of February has contributed to the nervous mood.

    Best would be to buy now, as long it is possible at this cheap level.

    Thats what I did yesterday in Germany, I placed 2 orders, one early in the morning after ASX close. First in Frankfurt at a very low price 0,109 Euro. There was no seller. After a few hours I cancelled this order and placed a new order at Stuttgart bourse for a bit higer SP for 0,112 = 0,18 A$.

    Nothing happend the whole day but in the evening, when I did not expect anything, I was successful with my 30000 CVI shares. I got them not in one go but by 2 different trades at different times. I think the broker did not have enough so he might have got the other part somewhere else.

    I financed my CVI order by selling a very secure investment of a bond with a fixed rate of Australian Dollar which gives me a fixed interest twice a year.
    My partner told me that I am crazy to do this but I replied that I have a strong believe in the company and its success and that CVI will repay me much more than this secure bond.

    I think this attitude of acceptance and letting things happen with less expectations will help for ones mental peace. We cant change things anyway, let MS and the team work on the deals even if there is a another delay, so what, if you hold for a long time these few days or weeks of waiting does not matter at all.

    Beside manipulation games with CVI SP I think there is mainly the doubt factor which is dominant and some people critisize one thing, that CVI has got multiple project but have not one deal which have been signed and completed.
    So that is what is so important for Cityview to get this Kwanza licence. If this happens, then MS and his team will be measured by this success and will be credible.

    If this something concrete has been achieved, everything will be different, the arguments against "GOD MS" how one HC user has written, that this company is only bubble without substance will dissolve immediately.
    This final Contract completion whatever they will get will be the basic for further completion of the other projects and these domino stones fall it will give CVI a new revaluation and a massive up move of SP.

    May be, we all can soon be happy to hear: surprise, surprise.

    So why dont we trust in the things which are going to happen....Speak the words of wisdom : Let it be

    May I (not so young any more but with some life experience) share with you a little story which may help in this wonderful and exciting time of joyful expectations?

    So let it be and read the story of a wise man:

    There was a poor farmer in a small village in China.
    One day the son of the farmer went our for a ride with his horse.
    After some weeks he returned home and with him he brought a couple of wild horses which he found during his ride.
    All the neighbours came to the farmers house and told to the farmer how lucky he is and how rich he has become now.

    The simple minded farmer just smiled and replied:
    may be, could be, who knows.

    Shortly after this, the son tried to ride one of this wild horses but unfortunately the horse was so wild and full of energy that the son fell down and broke one leg.

    The neighbours came again and lamented, oh, poor farmer, we pity you for that bad accident of your son.
    But the farmer just said: who knows, may be, could be.

    After some days there were coming a lot of soldiers from the Emperor and and they needes strong and healthy soldiers to
    recruit for going to war.
    They took all the young men from this village but did not need the son with a broken leg.

    Again the neighbours were coming and told the farmer, how lucky he was that the son did not have to go to war.

    The wise farmer replied:

    Who knows, could be, may be.

    could be continued.......

    Share price is a bit more stable today - but it is not the end of the day - who knows.....

    No news, no trading halt, no deal yet, no expectation..

    Who knows what kind of surprise will appear.

    Have a good and relaxed weekend

    cheers jensdab

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