The betting is showing an even worse scenario for Morrisons...

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    The betting is showing an even worse scenario for Morrisons muppets than the polls. So many seats at risk! 22 LNP seats where Labor is favoured to win. Thats not counting the swag of LNP seats which are under threat from Independents including Tony Abbotts seat of Warringah. The righties here are going hammer and tongs thread after thread trying to malign Bill Shorten and Labor but the reality is that it is the Coalition that is in a world of pain.

    "The individual seat markets have been more consistent, pointing to a Labor landslide of even greater dimensions than the one currently projected by BludgerTrack, which I would have thought quite a bit too favourable for Labor, particularly in Queensland. Ladbrokes rates Labor as favourites in five Coalition-held seats in New South Wales (Banks, Gilmore, Page, Reid and Robertson), four in Victoria (Chisholm, Corangamite, Deakin and Dunkley), three in Western Australia (Hasluck, Pearce and Swan), one in South Australia (Boothby), and a Kevin Rudd-equalling nine in Queensland (Bonner, Brisbane, Capricornia, Dawson, Dickson, Flynn, Forde, Leichhardt and Petrie)."
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