Betting Odd's on leadership

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    For some time the bookies have had odd's that didn't support my prediction of change of leadership

    LNP on shorter odd's to win the next election now it's even money

    Odds where that Abbott would not face a leadership challenge before the election now it's $4 that he will & $1.20 he will not.

    Shortest odds of $1.90 that Abbott will face a challenge between now and April

    While Bishop had shorter odd's on being the next leader, think she was on $2.50 and Tunbull on $3.50-$4. Now Turn bull is on $2.50, Bishop on $3 and Mal Brough has firmed on $4 and Morrison out to $7.50.

    My prediction on what would happen to the liberal leadership was based on the polls, recent events and some logic, seems to be panning out as predicted.

    Next few days will be telling, Abbott will be trying to buy some time but liberal MP's would be thinking it best to kick off the start of parliament next week with a new leader.

    Labor should be worried, if as I expect Turnbull takes over he will make Shorten look like an intellectual pygmy
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