Better than Bali Go to the Philippines

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    As it looks like the PM is going to cause grief for Indonesia over the Bali 9, it may be that a lot of Australians will not travel to Bali anymore out of sympathy for the Bali 9.

    Then go holiday in the Philippines, it is a blast, I have been all over the country, it is 1/3 rd the price of Bali, it has the best beaches at Boracay and Palawan, Manila nightlife around Makati is top notch. I have been down to General Santos city to meet with Manny Pacquio, I went to his first training gym in the gamay barangay, (small village) Camiguin island is a great place to stay, 7 volcanoes.... and guess what? They do not have the death penalty, they are a bit more civil than Indonesia. Taxi rides cost $2 in the provinces for a 10k trip. bus fare is 50 cents for 20 k , The people are all friendly, even in the south of Mindanao treking by myself I never had any troubles.
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