Betrayal of footsoldiers, page-5

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    "As would be expected, the top brass have covered their backsides, throw the troops to the wolves."

    to which you responded:

    "So i guess you support the grotesque behavior of Japanese and German soldiers in world war 2??"

    Weird how you can twist that out of the first comment................ but then again when you want to find a "witch to burn" you just have to go on a "witch hunt".

    So where have the Top Brass been all this time?

    Isn't it their job to manage and run the Army?

    Isn't it their job to give orders and be up to speed on what is happening?

    Aren't these solders under their command and for how many years has it gone on for?

    Please don't tell me they have the "Get Out Of Jail Card"................. you know the one .............. "I'm a Public Servant, incompetance is part and parcell of my roll".

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