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    Good to see that Titan Resources is at last getting some attention today. According to respected mining analyst, Warwick Grigor of Far East Capital, TIR has amongst the lowest market caps per lb of nickel reserves, at around 22c/lb.

    Check out the market caps per lb of competitors and you'll see what he means. Some have more than ten times the market cap/lb yet have far less exploration and development cash (increasing the risk of share dilution to raise funds) and much longer lead times to production. TIR indicated earlier this year that it might be producing by year's end.

    TIR is currently trading around .42 cents and seems to me one of the few nickel stocks trading well below true value. Considerable upside is present in the prospect of TIR's BioHeap technology rendering even its low grade ores commercially viable further down the track - something the market appears reluctant to factor into the SP (and perhaps rightly so) until the technology is commercially proven.

    In an extremely buoyant nickel market and considering the factors above, downside risk to me seems negligible and the upside very significant indeed.

    But of course I would say that - I hold. Conduct your own independent research though and I believe you will concur.


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