The largest holding in my global portfolio (92 stocks) is...

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    The largest holding in my global portfolio (92 stocks) is Woodside Petroleum. The only other oil and gas stock I own in Australia is CVN.

    I've been investing in the US for over a decade now.
    I recently did my own review of the entire O @ G sector in the states. From top to bottoms (Ignoring small and micro cap just focusing mainly on mid cap) you've got 76 major listed oil and gas players in the E&P space. this excludes the midstream pipelines and excludes the refiners (and the global

    When I look at adding a name the first thing I do is compare it to all peers in its sector. I've got a stock screener I've used for a long time to arrive at a short list (Quant and fundamental) and then I analyse that short list hard.

    in the US E&P space out of 76 names I've invested in 3 names being EOG Resources (EOG), Pioneer Natural Resources(PXD), and Anadarko (APC) the sheer scale of acres controlled by these 3 players in the key shale regions is astounding. EOG is best in sector. Pioneer (PXD) is the largest in the Permian. Anadarko resources are to be frank exceptional and it also has a very compelling LNG Mozambique story to watch closely. For those interested I strongly recommend you go to their websites and download their latest presentations and take a look for yourself st the potential of these 3.

    in the pipeline space you can't go past Enterprise Produxt Partners EPD (best in sector if not world). then I also own Williams WMB, Energy Transfer ETE, Tallgrass Energy TGE and Crestwood Equity Partners CEQP. The larger pipeline players are integral to the US oil and gas growth story. US industry, US housing is rapidly transitioning to gas fired energy and heating. some of the names mentioned above have extremely strategic assets (like Williams that owns the Transco pipeline sending gas from Texas to all of the north east states, or ET which essentially supply's the majority of gas to Florida (population 40m!). You cannot replicate these assets and the income returns are gigantic. Yet income comes with solid EBITDA growth as well....

    I also own Exxon. It's move into shale and it's best in class (globally) new resource finds is exceptional.

    my long term portfolio currently sits at 11pc US oil and gas pipelines and then 8pc oil and gas explorers and producers (including Woodside and CVN).

    I'm also a big lithium fan. it seems insane to own both oil and lithium but I see so much potential in both. short term I see the oil price rising another $10 bbl and ultimately heading to $80 (demand just keeps rising but the big new finds are declining rapidly). Gas has a fantastic future particularly as the world turns away from coal fired power stations. the world won't have enough gas (LNG) just five years from now meaning prices heading north.

    the investment opportunities in the US are astounding in this sector and you can find amazing buys literally on a weekly basis. Australia whilst good long term hold is extremely concentrated in this sector or taking too much risk with the micro caps that may never make it.

    if you really are serious about oil and gas in your portfolio you need to open an offshore account and get moving.
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