The words "No" and "Brainer" spring to mind, when I think of...

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    The words "No" and "Brainer" spring to mind, when I think of these two stocks:

    CVN (Carnarvon Petroleum)

    Was going to write a few things about it, but didn't know where to start.
    Bottom line is this junior oiler with a bag of cash and zero debt, has just made the 15th biggest discovery in the world(*last 4 years).
    Massive 12 months coming up, as they drill holes everywhere and try and work out what to do with all their oil. They've found so much, it's getting embarrassing.

    PVD (Pura Vida Energy)

    Only thing that needs to be said here is this. Market cap this morning was ~$5.5 million. Cash in the bank ~$9 million.
    $3.5 million of "Free Money"biggrin.png
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