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    I do a scan every morning of the 1300 stocks that have the greatest volume breakout, coupled with a price breakout of a trading range, in the past year this has enabled me to buy and sell stocks such as:

    WWA (Wridgeways Transport) 82.7% realised net profit in 5 months (was up 100% at one point).

    API (Australian pharmaceutical Industries)37.3% realised net profit in 4 months.

    OPS (OPSM Optical) 29.5% realised net profit in 5 weeks (Market -9.2% same period).

    HSP (Healthscope Ltd) 27.9% realised net profit in 9 weeks (Market –10.3% same period).

    NUF (Nufarm chemicals) 20.9% realised net profit in 14 weeks.

    CDO (Colorado Group) 20.1% realised net profit in 10 weeks.

    Amoungst others. Most of the above stocks were posted on this forum as they came up in the search. As the market is stabilising again I have noticed more stocks are starting to pop up again, if any body would like a copy of those stocks that pass the criteria e-mail me and I will send you a copy whenever any come up, including stats such as % volume increase. They are not recommendations but are a good starting point.

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