Gees, I would hate to see the worst if this is the best"More...

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    Gees, I would hate to see the worst if this is the best

    "More than half of all aged-care providers have missed a deadline by the royal commission to provide a list of all incidents of abuse and neglect going back five years despite clear warnings they will face “careful scrutiny” if they fail to comply.As the first witness hearing of the aged-care inquiry began in Adelaide yesterday, commissioners Richard Tracey and Lynelle Briggs heard evidence about a broken funding model for the sector that has been doctored by successive governments and compromised the quality of care.But the opening testimony came from Barbara and Clive Spriggs, the wife and son of Oakden nursing home resident Robert “Bob” Spriggs, who died in June 2016 with 10 times the dose of the antipsychotic drug Seroquel in his system and bruising across his body due to physical restraints. His room was like a prison, Ms Spriggs told the inquiry, and she lamented the fact nobody saw what she did when she first encountered the facility.“I cannot believe to this day that we had no choice but to put Bob there. I can’t believe that nobody else could pick up how bad that place was,” she said.“I think about those who hurt Bob and I wonder whether they — and I wonder whether they are now employed somewhere else. I wonder if their employers know about their previous conduct.”The “widespread” use of antipsychotics as a “patient management device” in lieu of overworked staff spending time and energy on other behavioural interventions will be a key focus of the commission, but the inquiry heard those issues might be a mask for deeper problems......"

    Signs of horror
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