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    It was a White Knight, and Mr Cadbury and Ms Rowntree were on a River
    > cruise.
    > They met on the Top Deck. It was After Eight. She was from Quality
    > he was an Old Jamaican. They walked hand in hand down Milky Way & around
    > the Family Block.
    > They stopped in at the Mars Bar, he had a Rum & Butter and she had a Wine
    > Gum. She asked if he could pass her a Coaster, He said "Sure...Take 5 ".
    > They Decided to leave as the music was too loud, & neither of them liked
    > M&M.
    > On the way out he bought her some Roses. She said they were her
    > They walked down to his sports car, it was a Red Ferrero. He made some
    > small talk,
    > and tried to make out like he was a Smartie.
    > She spoke a little but didn't say much as she didn't want to Polly Waffle
    > on.
    > He suggested they should go somewhere quiet. She said if you play your
    > cards right you might get lucky after tea. He replied, After Dinner?..
    > Mint!".
    > At this point he knew she was Cherry Ripe! He asked her name. "Polo, I'm
    > the one with the hole", she said. "And I'm the one with the Nuts", he
    > thought. Then he touched her Milky Bars. They felt Smooth & Creamy. He
    > thought to himself, They'll definitely melt in your mouth & not in your
    > hand.
    > He told her that he had a King Size Bar, but she thought he might just be
    > telling Fantales.
    > They checked into a Motel and went straight to the bedroom. Mr Cadbury
    > turned out the light for a bit of Black Magic. It wasn't long before he
    > slipped his hand down into her Snickers and felt her Kit Kat. She started
    > to play with his Fruit & Nuts, but then she said "Stop!". He though she
    > a
    > Malteaser, but he still wanted to Jaff-er. So he showed her his Curly
    > Wurly.
    > Ms Rowntree wasn't keen to have any more Jelly Babies, so she let him
    > a
    > trip down Bourneville Boulevard. He thought this was Fantastic as he
    > fancied a bit of Fudge. It was a Magic Moment as she let out a scream of
    > Turkish Delight. When he finished, his Fun Sized Mars Bar felt a bit
    > Crunchie. She wanted Moro but he needed to take Time Out. However he
    > noticed
    > her Pink Wafers looked very appetising...So he did a Twirl, had a Picnic
    > her Sherbet and gave her a Gob Stopper. He was exhausted, so he rolled
    > for a Flake.
    > Unfortunately Mr Cadbury then had to go home to his wife, Caramel. Sadly,
    > he
    > was soon to discover he had caught V.D. It turns out Ms Rowntree had been
    > with All Sorts!!.
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