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best and worst

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    I know im not the only one who has done this.

    Dyesol, worst case scenario. Technology becomes redundant, shareholders dump holdings, price trades at 0.0001, Dyesol stops trading.

    Dyesol, best case scenario. Multiple billion dollars of revenue, news industries, low number of shares on offer, sick shareprice, trade on the nasdaq.

    1b rev, 30percent margin, 200m shares on offer, PE10, shareprice possibility: $15

    12b rev, 50percent margin, 170m shares on offer, PE15, shareprice possibility: $500 plus.

    If you can address the worst case scenario, that you will lose all your money, well why not entertain the best case possibilities, that the directors of Dyesol have continually said, we will access multiple billion dollar revenue streams.

    Dyehards, enjoy your lunchtime daydream.
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