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$ benefits of thymus regrowth

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    Hi everybody following Norwood Abbey. One important aspect of the thymus regrowth story which seems imho to have been overlooked by many, is the huge potential $ return if trials continue to prove positive. if Gerry (who has posted some excellent research) has previously highlighted same, then I do apologise. The following extracts are from the Norwood ASX announcement on 6-01-03

    "Norwood anticipates that the average value of the GnRH analogue drugs used in these treatments will be approximately US $1,500 to US $2,000. Norwood expects to enter into commercial arrangements that will yield it incremental royalty income based on the sale of these drugs by a pharmaceutical partner for immunological indications.

    Norwood wishes to advise that as a result of discussions with members of its 'Immunology Project' Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, clinicians and potential pharmaceutical partners, it has been determined that the 'thymic rejuvenation' project has commercial relevance in the following clinical conditions:-

    *Cancer - adult cancers that are currently managed by chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy resulting in the patient suffering from
    varying degrees of immunosuppression,

    *Viral Diseases - immune compromised patients, such as those infected with human immunodeficiency virus ("HIV" leading to AIDS);

    *Vaccinations - generalised vaccination of the adult population, or specific targeted "vaccination" against cancer.

    *Auto-immune Diseases - eg multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and Type1 diabetes.

    *Transplantation - diseases that may be treated by bone marrow transplantation (BMT) or organ transplant patients.

    *Adult Stem Cells - tolerance and genetic therapies"

    The above $ figures were also reiterated by chairman Peter Hansen back in June when all the tv channels ran with the thymus breakthrough.

    Re delays in announcing licencing arrangements etc, I suggest this is mainly due to the following facts. A desire to not sell the farm too cheaply, and the complexity of negotiations etc, because they have indicated the following in that same 6-01-03 announcement. Second tier licensing, tends to indicate multiple drug companies may be involved, because of the wide range of medical conditions which thymus regrowth will assist in making other drugs more effective etc.

    Norwood is developing a comprehensive program to enter into arrangements whereby its technologies will be licensed to pharmaceutical and biotech companies who have existing drugs and/or technologies whose efficacy would be improved by the con-current rejuvenation of the thymus and the immune system. Norwood expects to be able to enhance the value of its intellectual property base by entering into arrangements with companies with drugs in the fields of cancer, vaccines and anti-retroviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV infections"
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