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    re: ranting tom is retarded Dropkik!
    "Show your faces in Public, & stop lying."

    I don't know about the TOU or even you, you dikless wonder, but "I show my face in public" all the fuking time! I discuss all of my views with all the people I know and I do know a great many people from ALL walks of life, unlike you, who knows only the likes of yipy yuky who have a backdoor view of the world.

    Had you stopped your rant for a second to review what you've said, you would have realised that time and again, I denounced ALL religion completely and decried its use as an excuse by war-mongers for waging mass slaughter everywhere! Religion and greed bring about extreme theft - of land, oil, labour, and anything at all of the slightest value, including intelligence which, the seppos particularly are so good at poaching from the poorer nations (an act which itself causes the continuation of that country's poverty!) and which they call "intellectual property!" What a disgrace!

    Next time, bumhole, do stop and think a little before you spread your yipy yuk all over this forum! It still has some credibility around the traps.

    Did you understand any of this? If not, re-read it and if you then still did not understand, simply ask me; don't just rant and rave!
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