belmore & tou4u are retarded spastics

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    Hi guys,

    While we might think most retards are spastics the truth is different.

    Not all retards are spastics.

    Not all spastics are retards.


    IMHO both Belmore & TOU4U are retards & spastics at the same time.

    While I am no proffesional anylist of Retards or Spastics, my prelimanary studies of posts by Belmore & TOU4u suggest both are outright nutcases that the majority of Aussies ignore with disdain.

    Belmore & Tou4u both seem to to be sent to Australian chatrooms like Hotcopper to spread propaganda for their cause which they hope would cause the average auusie to stop watching "every body loves Raymond" & turn them into a people which think & do things like" everybody wants to kill Raymond in a suicide attack".

    Sure suicide bombers have a place in the world. We all know the world is overpopulated.

    We also know too many buses exist in the world & too many bus passengers.

    That is why suicide bombers on buses have a niche in society.

    However, I must warn that even though I personally might have over 100k assets(OBL has more I am sure) I personally might become a suicide bomber against arab muslim retards because I am fed up.

    If I was to kill 50 muslim peopeln tommorow in a suicide bombing I am sure Belmore & TOU4U will find some way to blame the seppos for my actions.

    Guess what.

    I don't even like seppos.

    I don't even like calling seppos seppos.

    Seppos's is short for septic tank right???

    Septic tank tank rhymes with Yank right??????

    So asshol* cunts don't say seppo's say yanks.

    You know the yanks dont ya ??

    The Yanks(Yankees) were the same one who fought the south(confederates) to free black kunts like belmore & Tou4u.

    Now Belmore & Tou4u have freedom to say what they want they repay the fighters of their cause with what?????

    Barbed words????????

    Good for you too.

    Bite that hand that feeds you.

    Thats right you know it.

    The same people you despise in every post are the same people that give you freedom to be the assh*les that you are.

    where were your "intellectual" comments when Saddam was butchering hundreds of thousands of people that you now profess to protect??????

    Thats right,,,,,,,you were hiding behind the democratic rights of the peopel you now wish to cut down.

    Yes you are cowards, as you know.

    Show your faces in Public, & stop lying.

    Stop hiding behind the Koran.

    All you are doing is bringing your people down & making the situation worse.

    Wake up & stop trying pretend you are perfect.

    If c*nts like you are all Islamic Jihad has to offer you are F*CKED.

    Your Hard line stance has won you what???????????

    You guys really are stupid.

    Maybe I am wrong but the prroof is in the pudding.

    Personally I have my own problems.

    I have no wish to solve all the problems of the ARab world.

    You Arabs could not solve all your problems even every letter of the problem was revealed but one.

    I am sure if only one letter in a phrase was needed you guys would debate for years what the letter should be because of history going back 1500 years.

    Remember guys you are still the new kids on the block.

    You will get respect when you deserve respect.

    What were the Arab Muslim people before Allah???

    Why did Allah try & start a new religion 500 years after christianity(jews go further back)???????????

    Cause all the Fr*ckin c*nts that followed him were worshipping any piece of sh*t idol.

    Allah counted over 200 idols at the time(before he became a idol himself).

    Get off your high horse & deal with reality.


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