belgium: waiting for the guillotine

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    Belgium: Waiting for the Guillotine
    Isaac Kohn
    19 February 2003

    "Unpretentious, hypocritical slagheap of bigotry surrounded by a thick halo of transparent anti-Semitism."

    No other phrase can best describe the Belgian court decision to ´try´ top Israeli officials for alleged ´war crimes´ supposedly committed in her past wars against Arab terrorists. Specifically, Belgium intends to put on trial former top Israeli leaders (including Prime Minister Sharon, at the end of his tenure) who presided as military commanders during the Lebanese War of 1982. This modern blood libel perpetrated by Arabs and swallowed in its entirety by Belgium, is not only preposterous, but the cynicism that oozes from the core of this idiotic, partisan decision, begs for a strong, eye-for-an-eye, response. Having brandished the sword of bigotry in defiance of common-sense, Belgium is in dire need of an immediate, Israeli (and American - how far are the Belgian show trials against Viet-Nam era US servicemen?) counter-punch, which will transform the Belgian roar into a soundless twitter.

    In World War II, as millions of Jews were being systematically brutalized and eliminated by Hitler´s Germany, Belgium stood at the forefront of gleeful collaboration with the Nazi extermination machine. While the crematorium smokestacks were belching the acrid black smoke of burning Jewish flesh, Belgians stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Angel of Death, ensuring that not one Jew escape. The current attempt to portray these collaborators in a ´saintly´ aura of ´justice seekers´ is designed merely to disperse the aroma that hangs over Belgium ever since. In its ludicrous attempt to wash off that stench, Belgium has hit upon a most novel idea, namely, to recreate itself as the patron and dispenser of world justice. The thought of the criminal sitting on the throne of justice is an insult. The thought of Belgian Nazi collaborators and sympathizers attempting to once again judge their past victim, is an indescribable abomination.

    Were it as Belgium pretends, one would expect that this ´noble´ goal of justice would be immediately initiated and tested on those infamous and notorious criminals whose hands drip with the blood of millions. Namely, one would expect this newly created ´Court of Justice´ to begin its work of cleansing the world by looking inward and weeding out those Belgians guilty of explicit mass genocide. Setting aside the criminal behavior of Belgium during the Holocaust (after all, those victims were Jews), its history of enslavement, subjugation and elimination of powerless black tribes in the Congo is well documented and inscribed for eternity in the history of Africa. The vile and senseless murder of hundreds of thousands of enslaved natives of the Congo, begs for a thorough accounting and justice.

    Seeing the fallacy and hypocrisy of the Belgian decision to become the world´s policeman one must wonder as to the insistent Belgian pursuit of Israeli officials, past and present. One wonders aloud at the apparent lapse of memory and intuitive ignorance by Belgium of such personalities as the leaders of Algeria, Libya, Syria, Iran, Sudan, North Korea and other exemplary pursuers of human rights and justice. Or is it that Belgium knows quite well what the consequences would be should she attempt to pursue those mentioned above? A snake remains a snake even though it sheds its skin. The thread of contention in Belgium runs along a line of demarcation she drew in the sand throughout the millennia. The supposed standards by which to live, has no relationship to one´s deeds in comparison to those demanded of others: Don´t do as I do, do as I say.

    Should Belgium insist on proceeding with this abysmal, anti-Semitic ruling in order to pursue Israeli leaders, I suggest that Israel reciprocate on a non-stop tit-for-tat. The archives of world history are packed to the rafters with the criminal behavior of various Belgian personalities, in the not so distant past... and present. Israel should seek the immediate indictment and prosecution of the current Belgian Government due to its diligent acquiescence to the extortion process being propagated by the Islamic world against world Jewry. Its silent collaboration with the ongoing Arab attempt at genocide of Israelis and Jews in general fits perfectly with its anti-Jewish stance in WW II.

    While the crematoriums haven´t yet cooled off entirely, while the millions of exterminated Jews (with explicit Belgian complicity) silently demand revenge and retribution against Belgian politicians, past and present, these same should be put on trial for the slaughter they committed among the people of the Congo. The tortured souls of multitudes of enslaved Congolese natives scream for justice, retribution and punishment of scoreless criminal Belgian businessmen, who committed untold heinous atrocities in the employ of an expanding Belgian empire.

    Belgium, beware! The next head in the guillotine may be yours.
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