being different!!!

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    the trouble with putting in a buy or sell for a "strange" quantity of shares is that you tend to stand out from the crowd,of course that would be your intention no doubt. why do it,must be you had no friends at pre-school-who knows-who cares!!!

    ok-where is this rambling heading???

    to the person who plonked their sell of 111,111 shares of krz at 0.8 cents yesterday (I just have this female feeling that it belongs to a hotcopper member after all the postings of krz) then you achieved your goal of "here I am,look at me"

    trouble is if a person(as in myself)who follows the markets during the day and sees this strange quantity and then out of boredom tracks back the buys so as to discover what price you bought at,then you are shown to have made a good trade or as in this case - a trade resembling sh*&^t.

    put in your (latest?) sell at 0.8c 31/3/03 with some 30 million to sell at 0.8 in front of you.
    bought at 0.9c jan 14.

    we've all done worse trades than that,I certainly have anyway, just that I have'nt broadcast the fact with a buy as strange as 111,111.

    so if you read this 111111,happy trading. suzie q
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