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behind the scenes

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    I follow this stock closely and interested to see the DRP being underwritten to raise capital for another acqusition and all this stock going to institutional investors.

    This is my take on the behind the scens action....institutions want in but because there is less than 40m shares and tightly held...none for sale.

    They do a deal as above, the share price is supported to get away the shares OK and it is likely the institutions want more so they will push up the price to around $1.80-$2.00 the company probably wants to make a substantial acquisition and will raise more capital in a hybrid form and hey presto the intos (brokers) are on board again at the price they want and can flog off the shares to their retail clients at a higher price.

    I'm just a bit bored and musing to myself.....!!!!! but this stock is now in a very strong cyclical upswing.
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