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    This may sound a little like upramping, but it is not, this is purely factual.

    Last week there were some very heavy buyer(s) loading up, just check the volumes.
    There are some HC members who know who these heavy buyers were, but it is to them to advise and declare.

    Very simply put: Glucocontrol is a product developed by Omniblend. Omniblend is 40% owned by Eve investments, a private equity company, specialising in startup operations. Glucocontrol is being marketed by Fauldlings.

    It has been widely reported that once Omniblend become a viable company in their own right, then there will be an IPO….and float on the ASX. Those holders of EVE will get preferential offers.. (we do not know if this will be related to the number of shares one holds in EVE or not). Going by the 'instos' that has bought in heavily i would suspect that any IPO would have a direct relationship to the number of shares held in EVE. <>

    With positive cash-flow now imminent, and tiny MC of 12m, plus a product on the shelves….a product that may turn out to be disruptive in the treatment and prevention of diabetes, why would anyone not want to hold????

    How many micro caps are there on the ASX that are now 100% expecting a return on their investment (and we are talking EVE here, not Omniblend itself remember) in such a short time. Again the question is …why would you not want to hold?

    How has this small startup, backed by a very minor equity investor - managed to reach out and secure marketing deals in Scandinavia, and very possibly China and USA? They is some very very heavy marketing going on behind the scenes here guys (and gals)…...

    ..Whether Omniblend turns out to be a golden bullet in the management of diabetes, who can say, but there is certainly a lot of money backing it…and you all know the story….follow the money…..

    …so the marketing and promotion is about to start…..and as they have said in "those movies …… LET THE GAMES BEGIN"
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