beheaded bodies found in baghdad

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    I see your mates are back in business TOU.

    If only they could just "see the light"
    and USE America ... use it's desire for peace. Take full advantage of the generosity that would be offered.
    That's the smarter thing to do ... for sure.

    "Beheaded bodies found in Baghdad
    From correspondents in Baghdad
    January 01, 2005
    IRAQI police found beheaded two bodies in western Baghdad today along with a note that said they were truck drivers killed because they were working with the US military.
    It was not yet known whether the two men were Iraqis or foreigners, police said.
    "This is the punishment for all those working with the Americans," read the note left with the bodies, which were both inside bags and dumped on the street.
    Over the past few months, scores of bodies – some beheaded – have been dumped around Iraq by insurgents fighting to drive out US-led forces.
    Most of the victims have been Iraqi police or members of the National Guard.
    Several foreigners have also been beheaded in Iraq after being kidnapped.
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