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Bechtel Wins $10.4bn Sydney Metro Contract

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    May 4, 2017

    Aconex enterprise partner, Bechtel, has landed the $10.4bn Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro project. Work is to commence later this year. The work includes twin rail tunnels under Sydney harbour.

    The June 25th 2015 Aconex/ Bechtel enterprise agreement announcement reads:

    "The three-year agreement will standardize the use of Aconex across all Bechtel business units globally in a phased implementation.

    Under the agreement, new Bechtel projects will be implemented on the Aconex platform as part of a multi-year plan to replace Bechtel’s internal document and record management system with project-wide collaboration.

    The terms of the agreement are user-based, providing flexibility for Bechtel to add an unlimited number of platform users to its projects over time.

    “Our agreement with Aconex is an example of Bechtel bringing its strategy of innovation and customer focus to all of our internal systems,” said Bechtel Chief Information Officer Carol Zierhoffer.

    “By transitioning to a comprehensive platform that our customers often use themselves, we increase the ability to collaborate throughout project implementation and expand upon the product Bechtel ultimately delivers.”

    Bechtel has been appointed as the official delivery management partner for the tunnels and stations excavation package on Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro.

    Bechtel’s scope includes managing the delivery of 15.5km of twin-bore tunnelling using five tunnel boring machines and excavation for six new metro stations.

    The Sydney Metro - Australia’s largest public infrastructure project - will include new twin rail tunnels under Sydney Harbour.

    “The Sydney Metro is crucial to the modernisation and transformation of the city’s public transport network and will help meet the challenges of a growing population,” said Tim Parker, project director, Transport for New South Wales. “We believe that Bechtel is the right partner with the right leadership skills and programme management expertise to deliver a world-class metro system for Sydney.”

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