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bear rug stirring

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    The bears with sore asses (from being kicked and kicked) have temporarily retreated from the DJIA and DOW forums but not, I fear, for long.

    We're sure to have a reprise of their dismal howling when the high price of oil (spurred by the lower dollar) takes a big bite out of the US consumer and the world economy.

    At least this cut will keep the majority of US consumers in a job which will help them pay the mortgage and arrest deflating house prices over winter.

    But there is a downside....explored too often by Jim Rogers and sore-assed bears on this forum for me to repeat.

    The China and India stories will keep the party fuelled but when the price of their fuel gets prohibitive...even elastic has a breaking point.

    But we're heading into a brilliant summer Down Under.

    Next week I wish the Reserve Bank doesn't start prematurely pissing on our sunny Pamploma parade .

    (Sir) Lunchalot
    Scoffer Extraordinaire
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