Bear market to finish by October

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    The entry of Russia into NATO spells the end of the bear market.Up to October would be my pick for entry into major companies that can compete on a world scale.To bring Russia and its former satelites into the 21st century will require all the money,skill and expertise of the west.Not that Russians are fools,far from it,but getting those clever Russians to the top will require some help.Freeing up all the mineral resources that the west needs will require huge investments.If Russia introduces a good legal system to safeguard investors then there will be huge opportunities for companies with the skills.How will it all be paid for?Perhaps raw material,oil,gold etc prices will rise to cover it.Australian majors will be in there offering help and tendering for the projects.The slack that is evident in the US will be taken up by investment abroad.The gold price might just give it all a kick start!!
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