Be wary of a sure thing!

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    Woke up the other morning and walked to the kitchen, btw its was my birthday that day and that made me 33 years old, hook that up with the fact that this day was the third day of the third month and I noticed that the my kitchen clock had stopped at 3 30 am!

    Put the radio on, weather forecast max was .... 33 degrees!! Holy blerry hell!!

    Went outside, collected my paper, hit the sports section, went to the ‘form guide’, (I love a punt), could not believe what I saw, absolutely, there was a horse called ‘Triple Tremble’ at odds of 33 to one, running in the third race at 3.30 pm at Randwick!! What the ..... heck!, I couldn’t blerry believe all this ‘shite’.

    That morning I went to the bank, redrew all I could on my home loan and then placed it all on Triple Tremble to Win.

    It came third!!

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