be careful sleeping with babies

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    The deputy Western Australian coroner is examining the dangers of babies sleeping in bed with their parents.

    The coroner is examining the death of one-month-old Ethan Visser in November last year.

    He died when his mother rolled on top of him while she was sleeping with him on a couch at the family's Noranda home.

    Today Amanda Visser said she had slept with her baby most nights because she considered it normal and natural.

    She said no-one had ever warned her about the dangers of co-sleeping and she had even read an article in a parenting magazine this year that recommended babies sleep with their parents for the first three months to save money on buying a bassinet.

    Mrs Visser said while new parents were bombarded with information about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), there was very little literature about the dangers of co-sleeping.

    She said she would now set up a website in memory of her son that warned people about the risks.

    Dave R.
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