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bcl- betcorp green alert to 80c

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    This message is for bcl and not lok, not sure why bcl is not accepted.

    Have been doing a bit research on Betcorp this afternoon.. What I have found most impressed me. Seems like the betting business is doing extremely well and not being recognised by the market at this stage. The last set of report which just came out last couple of days painted an extremely rosy picture and showing the potential and th elow price that the market is currently trading at which means it has potential toi trend upwards in the short term as it is recognised.

    Their reesults for the last 9 months shows:

    Turover of $754m
    EBIT $11,7m
    And most impressive 10c pershare for 9 mths or if exptrapolated, 13c for full year. Based on cuurent 58c, it is also trading at 4,5 times. Assuming that it should trade at least 8 times, should be worth closer to a dollar. Take discount for any potential risk, then lets say 80c to a dollar is what it appears that it should be worth.

    Gross margin is on the increase and they ahve completed the share issue. So everything is pointing towards the green target that we have for BCL. Last few days have seen a lot of interest with very good volumes, so I can see it trending up in short term.

    Research yourself and see if you agree.

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