SP500 0.58% 2,958.8 standard & poor's 500

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    as they say the higher this thing gets pumped up , the worse the crash will eventually be.

    The SPARK could be a big bank defaulting, it could be a profit warning from apple or some other big titan like ibm or beoing.

    Or it could be trump stuffs up a trade deal with china, it could be north korea testing a nuke and trump tweeting back that's it peace with north korea is over, I should have never trusted KIM he is a liar and a backstabber etc... that could be the spark that starts a crash.

    It could be the FED raising rates one more time in 2019 that is the spark that sends marks falling.

    It could be that the FED CUTS RATES in 2019, which you would think the markets would love but in reality even blind freddy could say, hang on if the economy is doing so well, and markets are near their highs, why are you cutting rates,lol  so technically a FED CUT in 2019 could be the catalyst that causes a major selloff, because than even the mainstream finance guys will wake up and say, THIS WHOLE BULL MARKET IS A SCAM AND THE REASON WHY MARKETS ARE UP IS BECAUSE RATES ARE ARTIFICIALLY LOW, lets sell.

    Whats fascinating recently is the DOW goes up, yet gold is over US$1300 also, that's proof that this rally is a suckers rally, as the smart money is buying gold also, with the DOW near its highs still, shouldn't gold be close to $1000?

    It could be that company directors in the US stop doing stock buybacks, that's one main reason the SP500 is up, is that directors have been doing billions of $$ of stock buybacks, WHILST AT THE SAME TIME SELLING THEIR OWN PERSONAL HOLDINGS,lol

    Who knows, an announcement from a major DOW company that's its going to STOP its stock buybacks could be the spark that starts a panic selloff that leads to a crash.

    It could be political, if trump gets impeached that could be the spark.

    If there is an assassination ATTEMP on trump, that could cause markets to panic and selloff.

    even most MAINSTREAM economists think this bullmarket in the US has gone on for about 7yrs TOO LONG, this has been the longest bull market in US HISTORY, people were predicting a DOW crash 7yrs ago, I don't see how the bull market can go on much further.

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