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    re: geffa -port power - now what? G'day geffa,

    I was so devestated yesterday like you wouldn't believe.

    Actually, the Crows would have played either Port or the Swans in the prelim final whichever way the game went yesterday, assuming they beat Brisbane. I seriously do think that the Crows can make the grand final even though they beat a depleted Eagles outfit. They were in control from the first bounce to the final siren.....a good sign. Their midfield stepped up after a few weeks in hibernation. What a difference Mark Stevens makes to the side.

    Port however do have worries if they lose next week. Heads will definitely roll if that happens. Two years in succession finishing top and losing in the first final is a reason for some hard action to be taken. I don't know where it will happen, coach or players, but something will give. Like last year though, I am confident of beating the Bombers this week and progressing to the prelim against the Pies. From there, anything could happen. We showed that we are the best team throughout the season finishing 3 games clear on top and you don't get that from being an average must have some sort of talent to do that. That is what the team as a whole has to drill in to their heads....they are a good team and they can beat anyone on the day....just play like you have throughout the minor rounds and it will all fall in to place for you. Unfortunately the word "finals" seems to be a demon for them.

    Let's hope they can move forward form this loss. Also a 45+ thousand crowd at footy park wouldn't do them any harm either. Come on you Port supporters, get out there to the game this week.

    In case anyone accuses me of not going to the games (a bit hard when you live in Melbourne), I was there for both games on the weekend......atleast the casino sponsored my trip to Adelaide on the guys.

    My tip still stands.....Collingwood-Adelaide grand final.
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